Tips for Maximizing Closet Space
Surprisingly, you can maximize the space in your closet by choosing the type of hanger wisely. That being said, you will want to know what type of hanger you should go for.Read more about  Closet Organization at Hangorize   . Other than hangers, this article will also mention some tips of closet accessories that can help you maximize closet space.

First of all, it is wise to pair bottoms and hangers and have them both in one hanger. This helps in both saving space and saving time on a busy morning when you are getting ready for work. Special hanger designed for pair outfits is what you should invest in. You will want a hanger that has cascading hooks or clips. These hangers will work even for those slippery and delicate pieces.

Buy hangers that hold more than two items in one. This hanger is a really big space saver. It would be very nice two have two of those hangers that lets you put 3 or even more pants on it. Hangers with multiple clips can have this function.

Moving on, buy a couple of collapsible storage containers to better organize your closet space. This will reduce or eliminate clutter in your cabinet. You will be thankful to see underwear or pairs of socks in one place. With the help of collapsible storage containers, finding things especially small clothing is a lot easier. You do not have to worry about misplacing one sock.

Next, invest in hangers that are designed to keep the shape of your special garments intact. These hangers typically have curves and clips that make hanging such clothing a lot easier.Read more about  Closet Organization  at  Hangorize collapsible storage cubes . Others even have zippered bags to protect such clothes.

Last but not the least, use velvet hangers that have cascading hooks or clips. These are multi purpose hangers that accommodate many types of clothing. The velvet cover keep light items from slipping off the hanger, while the hooks help hang many more pieces of clothing.

When it comes to organizing closet, you need a place that sells a wide variety of hangers and organizing accessories. Choose colorful velvet hangers or collapsible storage containers to make your storage space of closet look more fun. There are even those that have great patterns. Or you can use one color for a certain theme. You might also want a different colored collapsible storage containers or hanger for your spouse's clothing items. These even makes organizing even better. Make the shopping for collapsible storage containers and hangers fun by going to a place with lots of varieties to choose from. Go to this link for more information.Learn more about

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